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About Perception Marketing

Welcome to Perception Marketing – where we help brands transform, evolve, and grow. We are a boutique agency made up of passionate creatives, visionary strategists, and skilled problem-solvers. Our mission? To elevate your business by crafting innovative, results-driven marketing strategies that leave a lasting impact.

At Perception Marketing, we believe that success is built on how your brand is perceived. We dive deep into your brand’s DNA, pinpointing your unique strengths and opportunities to craft a tailor-made, game-changing marketing plan.

Join us on a journey to elevate your brand, increase engagement, and skyrocket your revenue.

Peter Kimmel, Owner Perception Marketing


Pete Kimmel

Founder & CEO, Perception Marketing

Pete founded Perception Marketing in 2022 after building a wide array of marketing skills working with ad agencies, in-house, and as a freelancer/consultant for more than a decade. 

Specializing in strategic planning, branding, web development, and growth marketing, Pete thrives on exceeding client expectations, going the extra mile to ensure their standout success.

Off the clock, you’ll find Pete reading (mostly sci-fi), restoring mid-century modern furniture, and playing Civilization 6.

You can get in touch with Peter on LinkedIn.