4A construction

4A Construction CASE STUDY


Client Brief

  1. Build a brand to elevate an experienced handyman’s profile and launch a successful full-service construction company
  2. Create a website that streamlines lead collection and showcases the owner’s construction skills


Joshua is an experienced handyman who launched his own construction company in Jacksonville, FL in 2018 with the help of Perception Marketing. Naming the company 4A was an idea that Joshua came up with to represent the four most important people in his life, his wife and three daughters, all of which have names beginning with the letter A. We also connected that strong sense of family with another set of 4 A’s to represent his unique selling proposition and brand promise: Authentic, Accurate, Adaptable, and Affordable.

Key Branding Elements

  • The 4A Construction logo uses negative space between 4 and A to create a memorable icon
  • Colors were chosen to be appealing to the main target audience identified through primary research
  • A modern, bold and blocky font is the natural choice for this industry
  • Creative treatment connects with construction motif

Website Design

After designing the logo, the long and arduous task of writing website text from scratch began in earnest. We also gathered a mixture of stock imagery and some photos taken by the client and stylized them in photoshop to create a unique look on a budget.

One of the main goals of the site is to build trust, so we gathered customer testimonials and created several blog posts showing his best work. Each page building trust leads to a free quote page to encourage leads to reach out. 

As a result, Joshua received a steady stream of 2-3 new leads per month of inbound leads with zero advertisement cost. 

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