Carribbean connection

Carribbean Connection Case Study


Client Brief

  1. Update the branding and logo to attract a younger demographic without alienating their older, loyal audience.
  2. Create a stunning new e-commerce website to attract new customers, streamline tattoo/piercing appointments, and develop new products.

Branding + Logo

After completing an initial survey, working together with our partner Nonprofix, we developed a plan to update the logo, brand, and photography. The first step was to create a logo that felt fresh, unique, and fun. They also wanted to attract a more female audience since piercings are their most profitable vertical. 

Logo Before

Carribbean Connection Old Logos
  • Colorless and bland
  • Lacks cohesion with multiple fonts and vastly different variations
  • CC linkages is somewhat predictable / boring
  • Plain black/white color scheme does not match the vibrance of the brand


Carribbean Connection New Logos
  • Rasta color scheme matches brands known connection with Bob Marley merchandise and appeals to younger demographic
  • Brand cohesion with variations for very small and large applications
  • Lotus flower represents acceptance, beauty, and love. Logo well received by coveted female demographic.

Custom Shopify Ecommerce Website

Carribbean Connection is a unique local institution with a strong community presence and a loyal following. They had an online e-commerce site, but with little to no tactics deployed to drive channel sales, and the catalog offerings were minimal.

We created a state-of-the-art Shopify e-commerce website with hundreds of new products available – including new categories like jewelry and roller skates. All products are now synced from the physical location to the online. Bookings are more streamlined using Bookeo to integrate directly with the website, making it seamless and easy for potential customers to make an appointment, pay, and fill out the required paperwork.

Website Before

Carribbean Connection Old Website
  • Chaotic colors and clashing designs
  • Unclear and weak CTAs (call to action)
  • Disjointed hierarchy of elements, page structure
  • Low conversion rate for merchandise sales
  • Site only used for inefficient tattoo & piercing bookings

Website AFTER

Carribbean Connection New Website
  • Dynamic brandings and consistent color scheme
  • CTAs are clear and purposeful
  • New photography and logo gives brand a strong identity
  • Added more than 100 new products to build out online ecommerce revenue streams
  • Online inventory syncs seamlessly with in-store POS system

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