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K9s United Case Study


Client Brief

K9s United is a nonprofit organization that helps police K9s get the equipment and training they need to keep them safe. The Founder, Debbie Johnson, worked with us to grow the brand into what it is today using a combination of different marketing strategies and tactics. Here is a list of some of the work highlighted in this case study:

  1. Website: Created a Shopify store stocked with unique products and connected the catalog to social channels
  2. Email Marketing: Sent regular emails to K9s United supporters to bolster fundraising campaigns and build donor loyalty
  3. Social Media: Managed and scheduled social media posts to help promote interesting content and fundraising campaigns
  4. Adverts: Built successful Facebook page growth campaign, increasing page likes from around 20,000 to more than 80,000
  5. Other / Graphic Design: Created Press Kit

Shopify Ecommerce Website

Early on we identified one area of growth was merchandise sales. The police support industry loves t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and more to show their support and “represent” while they are out in the community. 

We built a custom Shopify website to sell effectively to their fans and the results were fantastic. K9s United is now brining in thousands in revenue each month.

Not only that, but with the catalog integrated directly with Instagram and Facebook, supporting K9s United has never been easier for people who like to support by purchasing merchandise. The 2021 Calendar is a great example of how the site unlocked an amazing new stream of revenue. With gorgeous, custom artwork featured, the calendar was a top seller on the site with 166 units sold, and we didn’t even run ads to promote it – just organic social media posts.

Email Marketing

Fundraising campaigns are the most vital marketing activities for a nonprofit, and email marketing is one of the best ways to generate donations.

With a specific fundraising calendar to focus on various fundraising appeals at the right time, we were able to have consistent success in growing organizational revenue year-over-year. Here are a few examples of the campaigns we focused on through email marketing:

  • K9 Corps (February – March): The monthly giving program provides dependable monthly support.
  • Annual Fund (May – June): Every year, a nonprofit needs to raise money to cover essential operational costs.
  • Emma’s Heat Alarm Campaign (July – August): The Founder’s daughter Emma is passionate about Heat Alarms.
  • Annual Virtual K9 Memorial Run (September): Multiple emails and reminders to promote event ticket sales.
  • Giving Tuesday – End of Year (November – December): The most important time to fundraise for nonprofits.

Social Media Scheduling / Posting

The client had a problem that needed solving, and that was this: she spent way too much of her time posting to social media. To free up the clients time, we took on the role of curating content and scheduling out posts for K9s United.

Social media channel growth just keeps on getting harder and harder as the platforms move away from rewarding organic efforts and towards a model that you may hear referred to as “pay to play.”

That means if you want serious results, you have to be willing to put some budget behind it to achieve the desired results. Since the client is frequently in front of media and political entities, we identified a need to have more followers on Facebook. After much planning and deliberation, we crafted a paid campaign on Facebook to get new followers. The audience targeting was on-point and our cost per new page follow was just $.05 – 5 cents! After running the new ads for more than a year with frequent testing and tweaking to keep the costs as low as possible,  K9s United gained more than 28,000 new Facebook likes!

What are the benefits of this? A post getting 300 likes in 2019 was getting over 1,000 likes in 2020. See the example below of similar posts, roughly a year apart, with very different results. With a continued commitment to this tactic, K9s United continued to grow its captive audience, providing a major boost to everything they do – from mission related posts, shop products, to fundraising pleas.

Graphic Design: Media Kit

The client needed a media / press kit to be able to share with organizations and large donors who wanted an in-depth overview of the organization.

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