Nonprofix Case Study


Client Brief

  1. Create a brand from scratch for a CRM tech startup that helps nonprofits
  2. Build a one-page website that makes it easy for potential customers to learn about the product


Nonprofix is a SaaS tech company that offers an affordable, feature-packed CRM to nonprofits across the world. One of the first things we uncovered during the initial research phase is that many small nonprofits have limited staff and resources and sometimes aren’t as tech-savvy. Keeping this in mind, the logo and branding was carefully crafted to communicate technical expertise and to generate trust with the target audience.

Nonprofix Logo Final

The handmade, homegrown CRM software system is at the core of what makes Nonprofix stand out, so we decided celebrate those roots within the logomark.
If you look at the logo, you can see the </> symbol outlined in white. 

The symbol doesn’t have any recognizable name, but it is an icon of the programming and software development culture due to its ubiquitous nature across many different programming languages.

Key Branding Elements

  • Bolding the word FIX helps to connect to our mission of helping to “fix” the pain points of many nonprofits
  • The iconography was developed to match the </> symbol within the same ethos of the brand
  • Blue is a common color in the tech space, and for good reason. It is often used to communicate security, trust, and intelligence

Nonprofix Website

Prior to the launch of the CRM, Nonprofix needed a simple website that was hyper focused on educating website visitors and generating leads. The resulting website build was condensed into one page to encourage meaningful interactions.

The website also has multiple strong calls to action and lead magnets (Free Consult/Demo) to encourage website visitors to raise their hand if interested.

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