Patricia Hill

Patricia Hill Case Study


Client Brief

  1. Elevate Patricia Hill the person into a professional brand to generate demand
  2. Develop a stunning logo and website to attract new customers
  3. Create a fun and unique quiz to run ads on social media for lead generation


Patricia Hill is a certified Spiritual Coach and Massage Therapist with decades of experience helping people live more freely. After relying almost exclusively on word of mouth throughout her career, Patricia wanted to branch out and generate more revenue by developing a better presence online.

Patricia Hill Spiritual Coach Logo

The first step was to create a memorable logo that reflected Patricia’s brand promise.

Key Branding Elements

  • The infinity symbol represents more than just an infinite number, but specifically the idea of limitlessness in terms of what a person is capable of achieving.
  • The orangish / brownish color combination is used to create a sense of familiar warmth
  • A logo was also created for her flagship offering, the Pulse of the Heart Truth Program.

Patricia Hill Website

Using the branded created above, Perception Marketing created a clean WordPress website with an emphasis on lead generation and service education.

Lead Generation Social Media Ads

To generate a ton of leads for the client, we decided to create a unique quiz and promote it through targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram. The result was fantastic, spending just $0.66 cents per lead and generating several new clients for Patricia.

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